'03 Boys Hockey Program Details

What is the Gentry Astros AAA program?

The Gentry Astros AAA program is a new to the hockey scene. Teams are now forming for 2019. The purpose is to create teams of like minded, committed players, who come from great families.

What is our philosophy?

We believe in offensive, creative and high tempo hockey. Players strive to make plays and possess the puck. Practices reflect game play. In practices, the focus is on a high compete level, structured games, team strategies and skill development.

When does the Astros AAA program run?

The Gentry Astros AAA program will run from April-June and a period of August.

Do I have to be a Gentry Academy student/athlete to play on the Gentry Astros AAA?

No. Gentry Astros AAA is open to all players regardless of what school they attend.

Where will my team practice?

Practices will be primarily in the Northeast and Northwest suburbs. The coach of your team will dictate which rinks make the most sense based on your team's roster and location of families.

How many practice hours will there be?

There will be 18 practice hours for the 2019 season. Practices will be 1.5 hours long.

How many tournaments will we play in?

Four tournaments.

Who will coach my team?

We will be conducting coaching interviews for each team and communicating to families during the recruiting process.

Can I play for other AAA teams, in addition to Gentry?

We are open to you playing for multiple AAA teams. If there is a tournament that conflicts with your other team, we ask that you commit to Gentry that weekend.

Is there a deposit?

There is a required deposit of $300 due by October 7.

What is the total cost for my player?

Player Cost - $1,325

The remaining balance will be due by March 1, 2019.

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  • Price: $750-1500
  • Pricing will vary and be altered as each birth year team may elect to do more or less in terms of practices, scrimmages and/or tournaments.
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